Wave to be acquired by H&R Block for $537 million


WAVE – a simple and easy accounting system , made me feel in love with this accounting system because of it’s simple and easy full set accounting features

Just do the transactions and the 3 report cards (financial statement is ready as simple as that)

WAVE is an awesome system that can help entrepreneurs to manage cash-flow and  financial management for business

Today WAVE is being acquired by H&R BLOCK ( American tax preparation company operating in North America, Australia, and India)

WAVE is a free accounting system since 2010 , since 2014 we use wave for our business and our clients to prepare the financial reports.

Track your expenses, send invoices, get paid and balance your books with WAVE

WAVE Timeline 2010 – 2019

WAVE Working environment
working enviro.JPG

Want to know more about how to use WAVE contact us at 011 1001 3009 and we will attend to you .

Pictures from : https://www.waveapps.com



REPORT CARD bukan sahaja ada di sekolah , berniaga pun ada REPORT CARD, nak tahu lulus atau gagal mesti kena ada 4 laporan ini, nak tahu lulus tahap gred mana pun boleh tahu dengan 4 laporan ini.

REPORT CARD ini mesti ada jika ingin kembangkan bisnes. Kalau berniaga  main-main dan tidak pedulikan REPORT CARD bisnes , bisnes boleh gagal, bisnes boleh mati

Sebagai pemilik bisnes , ambil tahu apa 4  REPORT CARD ini