Do you know that SMEs that implement a management system
grow faster than those that don’t?

By having a system, you can reduce time spent on unnecessary tasks and allow you and your team members to focus on the things that matter.

By having a system that can help you to run your business efficiently, you can rest assured that your business can grow way better than before.


#1SME1Sistem Accounting    shares tips and techniques to manage your company’s financial and accounts effectively using current technology.  The system automatically generates reports and dashboards on the company’s current financial health on real time data. The CEO and Finance Director can access to view the company’s financial health and accounting data from anywhere, anytime. This makes decision making easier and faster. Reports are automatically generated from the system and can be submitted to auditors for annual audited accounts auditing process.


#1SME1Sistem CRM shares how to increase your sales by using CRM solution. OfficeCentral CRM is a solution that takes your customers data and turn it into useful, actionable insights that can transform your business into a new level. Its a one-stop center for Customers Management, Relationship Management, Invoicing Process (Quotation, Order Acceptance, Delivery Order, Invoices and Receipts), Inventory, Sales KPI Management and Product Management under one roof.